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National Science Day Celebrations

For some years now, the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, has been collaborating with the NGO SPACE in conducting interesting hands on science activities for school students and visitors at the planetarium, specially designed for the National Science Day. The most interesting and exciting amongst these annual celebrations have been the Rocketry workshop and competition that was held on the occasion of the National Science Day 2013.

A complete report of these celebrations are at the SPACE website here.

What was so very fruitful and inspiring in this year's activity had been the very positive cohesive energies shown by the entire team from SPACE in organising and co-ordinating the whole activity - in which about 150 students managed to make their own rockets and launch them with laughing splurges of water all over the green lawns! Kudos to Sachin, Mila, Jaishree and the entire SPACE team.

Some additional glimpses of this activity held in the green campus of the Teen Murti House, on the 28th of Febraury 2013 :

Sachin giving instructions to the participants, to make their rockets

Some glimpses of these instructions amidst all the excitement amongst the students of the workshop as well as hordes of students who visited the Teen Murti that day, can be seen HERE

Students making their own rockets

Oh, it was students and teachers, children with their parents, a melting pot of groups!

The demonstration rocket, all ready for its launch

The exciting launch of the demonstration rocket, by the youngest kid present in the workshop, can be viewed HERE

Some of the students, ready with their own rockets

Sachin continuing with his very effective instructions, for the participants

The launchers, courtesy SPACE, all in place for the student launches, with Mila, Shariq and the other team members from SPACE involved in handling the launchers and marking the final landing points.

Do see THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO which shows some glimpses of the rocket launches by students. thi

More photographs uploaded by SPACE HERE. In particular have a look at THIS one showing the simultaneous launches by student groups.

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