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March 2010 Delhi

March sprung a surprise thrill for us at the planetarium, with the gift of a visit to the planetarium by the NASA astronaut and nuclear physicist Dr. Joe Allen.

A nearly full planetarium sky theater in spite of the exam times, testified to the space craze that the young of Delhi have.

The amazing patience with which Dr. Joe Allen, gave answers to the many questions that all the students, amateur astronomers and the planetarium staff had, made this event many orders of magnitude more fruitful.

We then gave a tour of the planetarium exhibition area, which displays the Soyuz T-10 Module in which Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma returned back to Earth from the Salyut-7 Space Station.

The Hindu report of the visit of Dr. Joe Allen, to the planetarium, is here. Photographs that have appeared on Times of India, Newscontent pages are here.

A week earlier, we had the good fortune of giving a guided tour of the early 18th century masonary observatory the Jantar Mantar of Delhi, to Dr. Joe Allen and Michael Mcnulty. The Jantar Mantar Observatory visit saw alternate discussions about the masonary positional astronomy measurements of medeival astronomy interspersed with the many enlightening aspects of modern day space travel and space studies shared by Dr. Joe Allen with the many students who had joined us on that visit.

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