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February 2010 Delhi

The month of February saw us headed towards Agra, on request from St. Peter's college, Agra, to help them set up and crank up with some energy and enthusiasm, an astronomy club at their college.

A college established in 1846! That sounded very interesting. It is actually a school and a junior college, and one with a very encouraging atmosphere for student creative spirits to grow.

We presented the school with one of our very useful projection boxes equipped with a small Galileoscope - for very safe whole school observations of projected images of the Sun, with which some quantitative observations could me made.

Then, there was a lecture on possible astronomy club activities, with an emphasis on light pollution monitoring of region around Agra, using simple star counts.

And then, a field trip towards Fatehpur Sikri, for putting this into practice.

Alas and curmudgeon! Skies loomed up dense with clouds and poured with rain, by the time we reached the planned location of Joshi Resorts and so, starcounts could only be discussed along with pakoda munchings inside the resort.

Well, what the students are going to come up with, as part of their astronomy club activities, is here, to give an idea about how fruitful or otherwise such mad enthusiasm of planetarian educators may or may not yield fruit.

The month of February ended with the zestful SPACE fair conducted by S.P.A.C.E., at the planetarium, to celebrate the National Science Day.

Prof. Patrick Das Gupta, Depart of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, came to the SPACE fair as the chief guest and delivered a lecture at the planetarium on "Truth and Beauty in Chandrasekhar's work".

And back to Planetarian India Newsletter March 2010

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