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Expression of interest for participating in the March 2009 Workshop

Preparing for the Total Solar Eclipse

March 28th and 29th 2009

List of people who have expressed an interest in the workshop

(Please do send an e-mail to after entering your name here, so that we have your contact details. Giving a telephone contact, is also essential)

  1. N. Rathnasree, Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi. I do not have any instrumentation skills, but, do have an interest in bringing together amateur astronomers and students with different skills, and am also interested in working as an intermediate educator bridge between amateur astronomers or students wishing to work on projects, and professional astronomers.
  2. Anurag Garg, Educator, Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi. I am still learning and exploering lot of things in the field of Astronomy. Although I am more interedted in observational astrophysics part then astronomy. It gives me more joy to go through a proper data analysis procedures to extract useful numbers. Currently I am working working with xray data ofAbell 2163 cluster of galaxy and will try to extend this to its spectral analysis.
  3. Bhavneet - Participated as a volunteer and instructor for all the 15 days of the Children's Fortnight 2008 at the Nehru Planetarium.
  4. C B Devgun, President, Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE). ATM er for past 25 years, instrumentation of telescopes, astrophotography equipment, astronomy teaching aid.
  5. Raghu Kalra, member AAAD, SPACE have been working closely with both the organization for the last 7 years and have been making efforts to popularize astronomy .
  6. Jayanti Khemchandani, Ahmedabad. Thirty Years of Amateur Astronomy Experience. Twenty Five Years of Astronomy Awareness Activities.
  7. Ashlesh D'souza, Ahmedabad. Ten years as Amateur Astronomy. Eight Years of Teaching Experience.
  8. Pratham Ambala, Ahmedabad. Twenty years as Amateur Astronomy, Fifteen Years of Model Making Experience.
  9. Lawrence D'souza, Ahmedabad. Ten years as Amateur Astronomy, Seven Years of Model Making and Designing.
  10. Megha Rajoria, student Bsc(H) Physics, DU. I dont know much about instrumentation but wanna learn. Member of AAAD and participated in many activities at the Planetarium.
  11. Pradeep K. Ivon. By education, i am an engineer but involved in industrial projects marketing but as a hobbyist i have wide interests ranging from trekking, music to even cookery. As a child, i was active in the Bal Bhavan at Delhi whose model has not been repeated today in other parts of the city and so the children today do not get exposure to many learning activities and hobbies. As a parent i wish to inculcate in my children (to start with) an interest in the Universe and so wish to learn skills of a good sky watcher. Once i am familiar with the sky and the skills of making a telescope, i will try to spread this awareness in other children in my family and later on the neighborhood etc. I do not claim i can bring a large change in society towards astronomy but my learning is just a beginning and i will be happy even if i can develop this hobby in 10 children in my locality. From the learned members i would certainly gather the skills and ability to either make or source a good telescope and what/when and how to watch the heavenly bodies in the sky.
  12. Bhavna Pundir Dwarka, New Delhi
  13. Sandhya Kutty, Dwarka, New Delhi
  14. A.K. Srivastava, Lecturer, Government S.S.S., Dholpur
  15. Sachin Tewari, B.Tech Student, Noida. I have 3 years of amateur astronomy experience and have volunteered for various public sky-watching events in Lucknow(Indira Gandhi Planetarium). I also want to become an active member of Nehru Planetarium. Contact no. - 9873198291.
  16. Megha Arora, Our Lady of Fatima School. Participated in the October workshop, many S.P.A.C.E. workshops and activities and conducted the Matka Planetarium activity.
  17. Bhupesh Saxena, MP Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal
  18. Pritpal Kaur, College Teacher. Did many projects and activities at the planetarium, including the Jantar Mantar calibration work.
  19. Babita Kundalia, SPACE club coordinator, Hillwoods academy, preet vihar, Delhi. Geography teacher by profession but astronomy has been a great motivator for me to understand science. Have done astrophotography.
  20. Sneh Kesari, final year student of Mechanical Engg. pursuing from Jaipur,I am an amature astronomer for last 6 years. I have participated in many activities at planetarium, New Delhi like eclipse watch, ocultation watch and the most important i have worked at Jantar Mantar with the plani group for last 6 years. i have basic knowledge about night sky and i have done messier marathon twice.i have deep interest in astronomy and astrophotography. looking forward the TSE 09.
  21. Ashna Dhinga, student, class XII, member of S.P.A.C.E and AAAD. I have deep interest in Astronomy.!!
  22. Vineet Tuli, Project Manager(Telecom). Amateur Astronomer for around 10 years. Have a deep interest in Astronomy.
  23. Charitarth Vyas,SVNIT,Surat- I am deeply interested in Astronomy. Surat falls on the Central Path of TSE-2009.I am very Lucky. I have some planned to watch TSE. So,this workshop will be so much helpful to me to get many ideas before TSE takes place.
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