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This winter Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi and the Amateur Astronomers Association, Delhi, brings you IAPF (India Astro Photo Festival). IAPF, India’s first astronomy-photography festival, will take place in New Delhi from Dec 8th till Dec 30th. The major attraction of IAPF will be an astro-photography exhibition, which will have works from both professional and amateur astro-photographers. The festival is aimed at creating awareness about one of the least-explored branch of photography among astronomy and photography enthusiasts through workshops and discussions.


Invitation to the inauguration of the Exhibition

Inviting all astro-photographers to send entries for IAPF exhibition at Nehru Planetarium. The entries must include an astronomical subject – for example the stars, the Moon, or near-Earth phenomena such as aurora. The categories for submissions are:

1) Monuments – Heritage celebration through earth and sky astrophotographs

2) Landscape - Earth and Sky astrophotographs

3) Eclipses & other celestial events.

4) Observatories – A celebration of Astronomy through astrophotographs with an observatory in the foreground.

5) Deep sky & planetary objects.

6) Time-lapse videos.

Earth and Sky photography – Images showing both the Earth and the sky by combining elements of the night sky (e.g., stars, planets, the Moon or celestial events) in the backdrop of a beautiful, historic, or notable location or landmark. This style of photography is called “landscape astrophotography''. This is similar to general "Nightscape Photography" but with more attention to the sky, astronomical perspectives, and celestial phenomena.


E-mail your entries to before 10th Nov, 2012 with the following details:

1) Photographer's web site.

2) Name(s) of the photographer(s).

3) Title for the photo/time-lapse.

4) Date and Location where the photo/video was taken.

5) Brief description of the photo/video.

6) Category.

6) Camera and equipment used.

7) Contact number and e-mail ID.

8) Your City/Country


Please submit pictures resized to 1200 pixels on the long side (width for landscape, height for portrait orientation), in JPG or JPEG format, with 90%+ compression or under 2MB in file size. You can submit panoramic photos that are more than 1200 pixels wide or tall. Do not send photographs with a watermark.

Give your photo(s) a unique name such as “firstname_lastname_1.jpg,” “firstname_lastname_2.jpg,” etc. In case of more than single entry, please collate and ZIP your photographs to one file before submitting.

For time-lapse videos, photographer(s) can upload entries on youtube, vimeo or any other video sharing website and send us the link with a detailed description (as mentioned in guidelines).

Shortlisted entries will be informed by Nov 17th 2012, and will be required to send high-res images for printing by Nov 23rd 2012.


The photograph/time-lapse must be taken and processed by the entrant(s). It should not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third party. The photographer will retain the copyright to the work.

For updates follow us on facebook at

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