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Yeh Zameen Aasmaan will be several activities that look at the interesting connections between the Earth and the Sky. The Sun rises and sets. Always rising from East and setting in the West? Oh No, there are yet, so many interesting variations in this. The Stars rise and set all through the night. All stars? No. There is the sthir Dhruv Tara and there are the circumpolar stars. These cycles we might appreciate, if we just take a little time and and some jugad equipment to observe the Night, Day and Seasons around us. The rise and setting of the Sun, the stars and so on.

And then, come exhilarating variations in this, if we just displace ourselves from our home base and go to widely different latitudes on the Earth. Let us do that!

The activities used a lot of kabad se jugad material to allow children to feel some of the concepts involved, with their own hands, construct some models and appreciate the harmony involved in these simple cycles of Nature.

The activities could not have been conducted without the enthusiastic organisation by S.P.A.C.E. and participation by Astronomicans and AAAD member Megha Rajoria.

Two Hoola hoop rings used as the Celestial Equator and the Ecliptic, and a small plastic ball inserted in the ecliptic ring to serve as the Sun, help with understanding a lot of the diurnal and annual movements of the Sun in the sky.

Riddhi, an Astronomican, did a wonderful job with giving a feel about the occurence of the Night, Day and Seasons, using a globe and a torchlight.

Naresh Kumar of the Planetarium, helped with running a top in the elliptical path for it that he fabricated in the Planetarium workshop.

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