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Preliminary workshop for student projects in Astronomy

This will be an "Under the Stars" discussion, in the planetarium hybrid sky theater, using all its projection possibilities. Participants (mostly college students) will be taken for a tour of the night skies from Earth, through dizzying "Off-Earth" voyages through the digital Universe, passing through multiwavelength skies, travelling through near and far corners of the Universe and finally coming back for discussions under Delhi skies.

The discussions will involve some historical journeys to place the evolution of Astronomy into perspective, and will then give brief glimpses of the terrabytes of astronomical data made available in the public domain through various space missions, ground based observatory sites and University/Institutional efforts around the world. This will only be a preliminary glimpse into these treasures and the keys (public domain analysis tools) which might open them, for students to undertake learning oriented hands on projects in Astronomy.

The planetarium solicits expertise/help from Astronomers and educators, for giving further guidance to students who take up these hands on projects more seriously.

Projects underway by students through these efforts are uploaded on student wiki pages here. Astronomers/Educators Please do let us know if we may include your contribution as a mentor for any of these projects by mailing to nehruplanetarium (@) gmail com

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