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In the links given below, video content from workshops conducted at the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, preparatory to the Transit of Venus 5/6th June 2012, are made available. Some of the video content is captured from full dome visuals which were made and used during the workshops at the planetarium and will thus not be in rectangular format.

The full dome content has been created using the versatile Digitalsky production software of the planetarium system newly installed at our planetarium.

Workshop Page1 Welcome and some preliminary discussions about the Transit of Venus (some content yet to be uploaded).

Workshop Page2 Equipment discussions : A demonstration of preparation of long projection boxes which give steady and large projected images of the Sun, good enough for some quantitative measurements of the disk of the Sun, by students. (some content yet to be uploaded).

Workshop Page3 Some preliminary skygazing, discussions of celestial events like conjunctions, occultations and transits, putting the latter in perspective with solar system orbits. Venus apparitions and phases of Venus (some content yet to be uploaded).

Workshop Page4 Some preliminary discussions of transits of inner planets Mercury and Venus and a discussion on the frequencies of the transits of Venus

(Page to be uploaded)

Workshop Page5 A discussion of the transit views for different locations and some positional astronomy discussions to place some numbers in perspective. (some content yet to be uploaded). (some new content has been uploaded).

Workshop Page6 Angular diameter measurements for the Sun and Venus and other quantitative observations related to the Sun possible with the box projection apparatus. Sunspot observing projects for students with the projection apparatus. (some content yet to be uploaded).

Workshop Page7 Heritage imaging of the Transit

(Page to be uploaded)

Workshop Page8 Transit of Venus and the Astronomical Unit, Halley and Delisle methods for obtaining the AU from contact timings, other observational quantities and Kepler's laws for planetary orbits. The derivation of these methods is undertaken here, with some simplifying assumptions. An excerpt from a 1905 text book of spherical astronomy, giving the full derivation, is also included as a pdf file Here.

(Page to be uploaded)

Workshop Page9 Historical context and historical observations of the transit. Discussion of historical observations in the Indian context.

(Page to be uploaded)

Workshop Page10 Transits of extra solar planets and the Kepler mission. Possible student projects.

(Page to be uploaded)

(Content is being uploaded)

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