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Useful Pulsar Links

  1. Wikipedia pulsar page Quite useful to begin with!
  2. Wikipaedia Crab Pulsar page Stretching wikipaedia as a resource, as far as it will go. Use the references more than the wikipaedia text.
  3. Nature paper announcing the discovery of pulsars
  4. nasa : pulsars as gamma and x ray sources
  5. An early paper summarising known issues about pulsars a year after their discovery Maybe dated, but, a good place for students to get a good beginning feel about observational and theoretical issues related to pulsars. However, a very long paper, difficult for a Bsc student to grasp all the details. The beginning of every section, however, gives a summary of aspects related to that specific area and would be good to read, even if the whole paper is not possible to grasp.
  6. Physics of Rotating magnetic neutron stars, Goldreich 1969
  7. Crab Optical pulses
  8. A very early statistical study of Radio pulsars Once again, dated, but useful for students because this is a very early study and hence refers to many characteristics clearly in the paper itself, rather than just giving references to them.
  9. European Pulsar Network
  10. atnf pulsar help
  11. ATNF pulsar catalogue tutorial
  12. atnf pulsar catlogue
  13. frequency evolution of pulsar profiles
  14. pulsar emission from the light cylinder
  15. radio astronomy of pulars:student manual
  16. pulsar timing
  17. diffrent models of pulsar magnetosphere
  18. theory of pulsars
  19. Isolated pulsars: proceedings of the Los Alamos Workshop, ed. Van Riper and Richard Epstein
  20. Need this paper
  21. A statistical study of drifting pulsars
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