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This is the page for putting together a wishlist of possible locations, monuments and other heritage of India against whose backdrop TWAN India astrophotographs would be very interesting and useful.

It is really exciting that the TWAN project

Might soon be having an Indian Chapter. What a way to showcase bits and pieces of Earth and Sky around us that we love!

Indian monuments have found here and there, an expression in the TWAN images and the first image taken by Indian astrophotographers is on the TWAN Guest gallery - a photograph of the Lunar Occultation of Venus in November 2004, taken by Vidur Prakash and Vikrant Narang and processed by Ajay Talwar and later by Babak Tafreshi :-

Here at

Under construction is the TWAN India heritage wishlist.

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Page last modified on August 27, 2008, at 11:38 AM EST