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Placed here are some general references that might be useful for the participants of the astrophotography and image processing workshop

  • Remote Observing possibility at Kitt Peak

If you do not yet have the equipment to do astrophotography on your own, consider applying for telescope time here, or perhaps a planetarium or amateur association that you are a part of, could purchase some time on this for you. You could obtain some images from which you might be able to think of pulling out some learning science.

  • Freeware for webcam imaging

A webcam does not cost that much. Try purchasing one and bring it to the workshop, if you wish to work together with a group learning to get the maximum out of a webcam :-) There is a U-tube demonstration of it somewhere, do have a look.

  • Astrophotography Webring

These are individual pages of astrophotographers from around the world and they have done inspiring work!

  • Some basics about the way the Hubble images are obtained and processed

  • Venus Observing/Science projects for amateur astronomers

  • Determination of Intermediate period transiting planets with a network of small telescopes

  • How Amateur astronomers are helping discover the true nature of Cataclysmic variables

  • Astrophotography for the amateur by Michael Covington - google book

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