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Satrangee taaron ki Kahaniyaan

This activity went on at a low key on the 16th, which was a Sunday, and no school groups. The activity was therefore repeated on the 18th, much more vigorously.

Pankaj from S.P.A.C.E., Anurag from the Plani and Riddhi, Gagandeep and Savitri from Astronomica put in energetic efforts towards chosing seven different constellations having stars of the colours that one wanted to fit for VIBGYOR. Not quite being satisfied with different choices - they finally did zone in to seven different constellations, Anurag put together the relevant Indian mythology connected with these and they made the Satrangee Taaron ki kahaniyaan board.

Making it was much more fun than the actual activities on Sunday, apparently, as Anurag was referring to having to coax some of the visiting parents to allow the children to participate.

Oh, well, the enthusiasm of the children on the 18th, made all the volunteers happy.

Thank you, S.P.A.C.E. and Astronomica!

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Page last modified on November 18, 2008, at 05:10 AM EST