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Register here for participating at the Planetarium, for the workshop and/or the Public Lecture

This page is now password free. You just need to click the Edit button at the bottom of the page to start entering your registration details on this page.

Enter your name and contact details here to participate in the Public Lecture on the 22nd of September (5 PM) and/or the workshop on the 5th of October (9 AM) on Variable stars and Epsilon Aurigae.

  1. Megha Rajoria, Motilal Nehru College
  2. Chandan Bhatia, AAAD
  3. Rajiv Ranjan, AAAD
  4. Rishabh Jain, S.P.A.C.EC
  5. Shubham Agrawal, D.P.S Rohini.
  6. Arun Kumar, Hansraj College.
  7. AKSHAY GUPTA, AAAD ,DPS DWARKA, +91-9899382387
  8. Babita Kundalia, SPACE club Coordinator, Hillwoods Academy, Preet Vihar
  9. Megha Arora,SPACE club Module-3,Gurgaon
  10. Meetu Bose,OLF Convent Scool,Gurgaon
  11. Theras S Thomas,Space club Module-2,Gurgaon
  12. Shivam Dahiya,SPACE club Module-2,Gurgaon
  13. Tarun,Space club Module-2,Gurgaon
  14. Jyoti Bansal,OLF Convent School,Gurgaon
  15. Chirag Sachdeva,Space club Module-2,Gurgaon
  16. Sahil,OLF Convent School,Gurgaon
  17. Mayank Sharma,OLF Convent School,Gurgaon
  18. Tanuj Pahuja,Space club Module-3,Gurgaon
  19. Neha Bansal,Northern india engg college, +919871317660
  20. Sainyam Kapoor,Space club Module-3,OLF school,Gurgaon

Register for Online Participation Register here to get a password for online participation and also for making any skype/online contributions

Register above, For the :

Public Lecture on 22nd September 5 PM by Prof. Tushar Prabhu

And the :

Workshop on Epsilon Aurigae observations Conducted by Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, S.P.A.C.E. and AAAD

A compilation of useful material related to Epsilon Aurigae

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