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Late 19th century and early 20th century references to the Pir Ghaib monument

  • From The Archaeology and Monumental Remains of Delhi by Carr Stephen
  • From Delhi Past and Present By Herbert Charles Fanshawe First Published by J. Murray, 1902

Extracts from this book, related to the Pir Ghaib :-

Fanshawe also discusses extracts from an earlier traveller whom he merely refers as Mr. Finch. Presumably this is referring to William Finch the early 17th century British traveller to India.

Fanshawe also refers to a chiming clock that Feroz Shah might have had hung over the Pir Ghaib. A reference that he has presumably seen in the Sirat-e-Feroz Shahi, as Prof. Sharma also refers to this mention in the same and Fanshawe does refer to a chronicler of Feroz Shah's times.

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