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Questions and doubts

  • What are the factors that decide whether a a non rotating neutron star, pulsar or a magnetar will be formed ?

First, it seems unlikely that a non rotating neutron star would ever be formed. If a neutron star is not visible to us as a pulsar, the reason could simply be that the emitted beam is not directed towards us - in all other respects its properties are not likely to be drastically different from other neutron stars. Secondly, it seems that the death of an 8-30 solar mass star might produce an ordinary neutron star while the death of a more massive star might produce the highly magnetised neutron stars. Why such high magnetic fields and how do they originate? This question seems to be yet unanswered. However, do see the following.

  • why does the magnetic field increase after every glitch?
  • how do we find the electron density when we have to find the pulsar distance by the dispersion method?
  • what is the reason for the stability of a pulsar ?
  • in case of binary pulsars doesn't the magnetic field of one has an effect on the other?
  • i am not really clear with the concept of pulse timing array and also how can they be used to detect graviational wave?
  • for a pulsar to have a blackhole companion will it be possible for the the pulsar to be formed also ?
  • why is the corotation velocity less than angular velocity of pulsar in case of open field lines ?
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