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Preparatory Workshop I for the Total Solar Eclipse 2009

Dates of the Workshop 28th and 29th of March 2009

The March workshop is meant more for school and college students from Delhi. The workshop will also look into what anyone staying back in Delhi, on the 22nd of July, might wish to do, in addition to discussing plans for those who wish to be located somewhere in the totality belt.

The workshop, specifically, looks at discussing the basics and circumstances of this eclipse, for a beginner, and concentrates on what is there for someone to do, who has practically no access to any equipment. The following will be the broad areas of discussions, demonstrations and idea exchanges. The sessions will be conducted by Nehru Planetarum, S.P.A.C.E., amateur astronomers and invited professional astronomers

Solar and Lunar Eclipses? - The basics and the circumstances of the 2009 eclipses

The Wikimapia Project? - Mapping the July 22 TSE in wikimapia for reaching out to schools and colleges which are just a little away from the totality belt.

Simple Instrumentation? - Safe and steady projected images of the Sun, for partial eclipse viewing and some related quantitative projects.

Imaging Oppurtunities? - Zoning in towards an interesting location and imaging possibilities against India's monumental heritage.

Imaging Possibilities? - Demonstrations by S.P.A.C.E.

Some student Science and eclipse projects ?

Weather Prospects in the Totality Belt?

Accurate Timing?

Total Solar Eclipse - The Experience and the Science?

Expression of Interest - March 2009

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