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Positional Astronomy I

Positional Astronomy II

Segments of the lecture, dealing with a celebration of positional astronomy at the Jantar Mantar Observatory, Delhi, are uploaded below, in very small segments. An attempt is being made, to make these segments added together, give a complete perspective of the observatory, while also teaching some basic positional astronomy. Aspects of the working of each and every part of the observatory instruments will be uploaded here.

Video from the observatory location, as well as actual student observations being taken, will also be uploaded here, soon.

Jantar Mantar Observatory I Putting the Jantar Mantar observatory instrument usage in perspective

Jantar Mantar Observatory II Observatory overview with emphasis on the Misra Yantra and the Samrat Yantra- A discussion of measurement of time using the Samrat Yantra to an accuracy of 1 second!

Jantar Mantar Observatory III The complex functionalities of all the instruments of the Misra Yantra

Jantar Mantar Observatory IV The reason for the Equation of Time, and time measurement issues with the Jantar Mantar instruments

Jantar Mantar Observatory V On the usage of the Ram Yantra - See also this link for a virtual tour of the Ram Yantra. The Ram Yantra can measure the Altitude and Azimuth of celestial objects in a user friendly manner.

Amateur astronomers working on measurement of floor sector lengths of the Ram Yantra

On the usage of the Ram Yantra 2 - Also contains a discussion on the concepts of Altitude and Azimuth of celestial objects.

On the usage of the Ram Yantra 3

From archives

Jantar Mantar Khagol Mela in 2009

The main page with links to all the Youtube lecture pages

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