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What's up in the sky, this month

The month of October brings us closer to that time of the year when we can hope for clear blue skies and brilliant colours at twilight.

Perhaps the first object we should make sure, we do observe, is the planet Mars, so much in focus following the successful insertion of the Mars Orbiter Mission by ISRO, during the last week of September 2014.

Mars is also rapidly approcahing closer to the Sun, as viewed from Earth and will disappear from Evening views soon, to reappear on the morning side of the Sun, sometime later.

For the very beginners who may wish to identify and look at Mars in the sky for the very first time, here is a map for the evening of the 28th of this month when the Moon is very close to the planet Mars (cautionary note is that by this time Mars is already quite low in the sky and needs clear haze free skies in order to see it so low in the sky from polluted cities).

The above is a whole sky map created for the location of Delhi, 8 PM on the 28th of October 2014. West is to the right, and South at the bottom of this map. Towards West-South West on this map one can see Moon and Mars close together in this all sky map. This maybe misleading, giving an impression of an extremely close conjunction between Moon and Mars, which is not so. Lets have a look at a Horizon map for the same location, same time :

(Door step Astronomy discussion to be continued and completed)

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