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Segment II : Observe early in the Evening

M1, the Crab Nebula! This is the only supernova remnant in Messier's catalogue. A very special object, afsos that it is at magnitude 8.4, making eyepiece views through moderate aperture amateur telescopes not very telling.

To locate it, one needs to first locate the star Zeta Tau, in one's field of view.

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Once we have Zeta Tau in view, it should be possible to navigate to M1 situated very close to it.

The brighter objects which could be attempted with a moderate telescope from bad skies, are '''Open cluster M35 in Gemini, open cluster M36 in Auriga, open cluster M37 (mag 4.5) in Auriga, open cluster M41 in Canis Major, starforming nebula M42 (mag 4.0) in Orion, open cluster M44 in Cancer, Pleiades or M45 (mag 1.6) in Taurus, open cluster M46 (mag 6.0) in Puppis, Open Cluster M47 in Puppis, open cluster M48 (mag 5.5) in Hydra, M50 (mag 5.9) in Monoceros, open cluster M93 in Puppis,

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