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Moon Carnival I

This activity will be an awareness carnival related to naked eye Moon Observations.

There will be a Moon Antakshari. So many songs and poems about the Moon, help towards an understanding of its movements in the sky :-)

There is the Pankaj Udhas gazal from Ashiyaan

Dhal gaya chaand, ... gayi raat, ... chalo so jaayen ...

This refers to the day breaking as the Moon is setting. That happens only when it is a Full Moon.

There is this song - an old one " Aadha hai Chandrama, Raat Adhi ..." from the film Navrang

This is connected with the relative positioning of the Sun and the Moon, when the Moon is half.

When the Chand is adha and it is adhi raat, the Moon is either just rising - it is a waning half Moon, or is just setting, it is a waxing Half Moon.

Jaane Kitne dinon ke baad, gali mein aaj Chaand nikla, for instance

Think of a curve of a crowded lane in Chandni Chowk, which allows only a small segment of the sky, about 18 degrees to the North of East, visible. Well, in this case, it will only be once in 18 years, that us gali mein chand niklega :-) This, due to a phenomena known as Lunar Standstills. What are they? Participate in the Moon Carnival, to find out!

Moon carnival for the very young will involve drawing the different phases of the Moon, activities and games to understand Moon phases and eclipses, and finally, the ever popular crater making activity.

There is also Vanilla cream biscuits and Moon Phases activity.

Here during practice sessions for this activity, the AAAD and S.P.A.C.E. members could not wait till the activity was over and they could grab the biscuits :-)

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