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Moon and Venus Carnival

There will be a dazzling conjunction of Moon and Venus on the evening of the 11th of September. Well, the conjunction is not astronomically close, but, close enough to be beautiful and inspiring. And Mars is nearby too, though not very bright.

The event will be celebrated through some daytime observations of Moon and Venus using a knowledge of their position in the sky, and the Ram Yantra of the Jantar Mantar Observatory, Delhi.

Telescopes set up at the Jantar Mantar after sunset will allow close encounters with the thin crescent Moon and the thick crescent of Venus close to half phase. Telescopic views of Jupiter and its four Galilean Moons will add interest to the evening. Presentations on Moon and Venus science will round up the evening.

Schedule of activities

2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Day time observations of the Moon and Venus (if the sky is a clear blue) using the Ram Yantra. The Altitude and Azimuth values of Moon and Venus for every minute in this time interval, will be displayed, and visitors will be helped by volunteers to understand the usage of the Ram Yantra, and attempt for a daytime viewing of Venus and the Moon.

4:00 PM to sunset

Walkthrough tour of the observatory instruments with detailed explanation about their usage.

Sunset to 8 PM

Telescopic observations of the Moon and Venus from the lawns at the southern end of the observatory. Multimedia presentations on Moon and Venus will be towards the Northern end near the Misra Yantra.

Jantar Mantar with a view of Moon and Venus, through a fish eye lens, taken by Chander Bhushan Devgun (Copyright S.P.A.C.E.)

All visitors to the Jantar Mantar Observatory on that day can join the observer's team and participate in the activities. However, if you would wish to get some preliminary support information about the observatory as also register as an Observer during the Moon Venus Carnival, enter your name and contact details on this page :

Registration : Moon Venus Carnival

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