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Here is just an attempt to put together all the light curve data in one place, to get a feel for all the brightness changes that have been observed.

Published Light Curves

Published theoretical fits to observed light curves

Below are some educator and student efforts to visualise public domain available data in different ways

Data obtained from

The above was the first plot made using available online data on Epsilon Aurigae, (using the old fashioned FORTRAN and PGPLOT and cygwin linux environment, at the planetarium) as a learning process for students. Perhaps, students will come up with many newer methods of visualising and handling data on their own.

Below is a plot of data obtained from the AAVSO website

The data has discrepant points removed through analysis by AAVSO members.

"We acknowledge with thanks the variable star observations from the AAVSO International Database contributed by observers worldwide and used in this educational project."

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