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  • On August 24, 2005, Rathnasree gave a talk at the India International Centre, under the NISTADS organised Dimensions of Science series, on "Jantar Mantar - Past, Present and Future"

  • In November 2005, Rathnasree conducted a walk through lecture on the usage of the Jantar Mantar instruments, for participants from the India Habitat Centre.

  • In September 2006, a talk was given by Rathnasree, on "What is Jantar Mantar" on the Vigyan Prasar EDUSAT network. A press release on the network mentioning the talk, is here at

  • In October 2006, a talk was given by Rathnasree and Anurag Garg in a Delhi University - IUCAA Reference Centre Workshop on "Error Analysis for Jantar Mantar Instruments with Astronomical Observations" The participants of the Workshop were then taken on a guided observing tour of the Jantar Mantar where many of the Observatory instruments were actually put into use.

  • In November 2007 Observations with the Jantar Mantar instruments were conducted by the Planetarium staff, for National Bal Shree students who were bought from all over the country by the National Bal Bhavan, Delhi.
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