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Site: International Year of Astronomy Activities by the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi

IYA and Astronomy education activities of Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, in the Press

Astrophotography and Image Processing Workshop October 2008

Children's Fortnight November 2008

Godhooli Public Lectures 2008-2009

Preparing for the Total Solar Eclipse July 22 2009

Preparing for the Annular Solar Eclipse January 15th 2010

Skywatch and activities for celestial events

Monthly Public Skywatch

Astronomy Quiz and Quest contests for school and college students?

Student projects in Astronomy

Astronomy and Indian Heritage?

Special Planetarium Programs

Following Epsilon Aurigae from India

Children's Fortnight 2009

Indo Italian Astronomy Fortnight

Galileoscope Twinning activities with San Jose Museum of Innovation?

Working towards the awareness and restoration of the Jantar Mantar Observatory, Delhi

Light Pollution awareness and measurement activities

A book on Astronomy and Indian heritage - a manuscript under preparation

Planned Activities for the International Year of Astronomy

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