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Imaging and Ghosts

Dear all, I met a biologist who had photographed moon on 11th march. She brought the pics to me ; each of the 3 had a funny ghost ; each was looking different. So what could be causing the difference? How is the optics alignment done in such cameras? any idea? I attch the pics after resizing them Shylaja, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Bangalore Association for Science Education Sri T. Chowdaiah Road, High Grounds Bangalore 560 001

I am Dr (Ms). Y. Lalitha, Technical Officer (T-6), Biotechnology Laboratory, Project Directorate of Biological Control, P. B. No. 2491, Hebbal Farm Post, Bellary Road, Bangalore - 560 024, met you on Sunday (15th March, 09) and shown the photographs of the moon shot on 11th March, 2009. Camera details are as follows:

Sony Cybershot DSC T 7 Digital Still Camera, 5.1 Mega Pixels, MPEGMOVIE VX, Optical Zoom 3X ZEISS, TIPA 2005.

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