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Chandrayaan Junior Quiz I

Q1. Chandrayaan-1 was placed initially in an elliptical orbit around the Earth, transferred to a highly elliptical orbit around the Moon and finally bought to its final orbit around the Moon which is a

1. 1000 km elliptical orbit

2. 1000 km equatorial orbit

3. 200 km Sun synchronous orbit

4 100 km polar orbit

Q2. The significant milestone achieved on the 14th of November 2008 by the Chandryaan I mission was :

1. Placing of Chandrayaan I in its 100 km polar orbit around the Moon.

2. Soft landing of the Moon Impact Probe on the Moon

3. Moon Impact Probe released from Chandrayaan and made to impact near the Schakleton Crater close to the SOuth? Pole of the Moon.

4. The Terrain Mapping Camera sent its first image of the Moon.

Q3. The Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) on board the Chandrayaan has become operational and has sent its first images of the Moon. The TMC will be

1. Preparing a 3 dimensional atlas of the Moon at a resolution of 5 m.

2. Preparing a mineral atlas of the Moon.

3. Mapping the Moon through X-Ray Spectrocopy

4. Measuring the radiation environment near the surface of the Moon.

Q4. One of crucial questions that the Chandrayaan mission is supposed to be looking for answers to, is related to the origin of the Moon. One necessary ingredient in answering this question that could be provided by the Chandrayaan mission is

1. Rocks and soil samples from the surface of the Moon.

2. Radio observations of the Moon.

3. A complete mineralogical mapping of the surface regions of the Moon.

4. Lunar south pole radar imaging.

Q5. In your view, would an orbiter or a landing mission be more useful to answer the above question? Why?

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