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Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium was founded by the Bangalore City Corporation in 1989. Later in 1992, the administration of the Planetarium was entrusted to the newly formed autonomous body, the Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE). It is devoted to dissemination of science among the public and the student community. On the premises of the Planetarium, BASE has established a Science Centre, which is serving as a nucleus for non-formal education. A Science Park is being developed in the area around the Planetarium.

Over the year, the Planetarium together with the Science Centre has evolved into a unique institution for the dissemination of science.

The Planetarium has a 15.0 mtrs diameter dome with a seating capacity of 2 1 0. It is equipped with 'Space master' Planetarium projector supplied by M/s. Carl-Zeiss, Jena, Germany. This projector projects the night sky as seen with naked "-eye on the dome. It can also project constellation pictures, Panoramas. It is used not only for the shows but also for teaching astronomy. Apart from this, slide projectors, video projectors, special effect projectors, etc., are also used for the shows,

Our sky-theatre shows are very popular attracting about 2.0 lakh visitors every year. The sky-theatre shows blend science with art. literature and cultural aspects of many countries. Apart from offering clear and informative accounts of science subjects these programmes also bring in historical backgrounds, modem developments and future prospects. Visuals such as Cartoons, Paintings,. Computer animations, video clippings and special effects are liberally used in the programmes.

Planetarium activities related to the International Year of Astronomy, are reported here, and a blog report is here.

An article in the Hindu, about the mirror dome technology at the Bangalore planetarium, is here.

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