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This weekly series of Astronomy talks is being organised in collaboration with the Public Outreach Committee, Astronomical Society of India. The talks given usually by members of the ASI, are sometimes followed up through some related simple quantitative explorations by the participating students and mentoring by the speakers.

Cosmic Fireworks and the Violent Universe

First Stars in the Universe

Black holes, Event Horizon, Singularity and Detection of these Dark Objects

Aditya L1 Mission

The Accelerating Universe

X-ray Observations To probe regions of extreme gravity

Galaxy Evolution through Citizen Science

The story of Radio Astronomy - From J C Bose to modern times

Black holes, Active Galaxies & Relativistic Jets

Two's company and Three's a crowd - The three-body problem

Gravitational Lensing 101

GAIA some Topcat Projects

GAIA the Milky Way Mapper

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