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Hi there, I would like to first like to give a small introduction of myself....I'm Ashmeet Singh : an amateur astronomer, aged 16 years, presently studying in class 11 in Delhi. Astronomy for me is much more than a hobby...its a passion !

I have been the past owner of a 5" newtonian reflector and have clicked many astrophotos: both through the eyepiece and widefield.I am about to get a 8" newtonian very very soon.. I am really enjoying Taare Sadak Par and following are my observations :

  • Observations on April 6 2008

Region : LEO Region No.(IMO) : 9 Date of Obs. : April 6, 2008 Time of Obs : 23:20 hours IST Locatation : New Delhi [ G.K.1 ] , India

Counts at a "glance"

No of stars seen : 6 Limiting Magnitude (IMO) : 4.41

Counts on "staring" for ~ 10 min.

No of stars seen : 8 Limiting Magnitude (IMO) : 5.42

(Comment : I believe the limiting mag in the "staring" count went upto 5.42 because I live in a colony where most people are into bed by 2230 with their lights off)

  • OBSERSVATION 2 : Star Counts as per IMO regions on April 24 2008

Region : IMO 9 : LEO

Location : 2832'58"N

         New Delhi, India

Observation Time : 22:45 IST

No of stars counted : 8(all verified)

Limiting Magnitude as per IMO specs : 5.42

Comments on Observation : The lights had gone out and there was no moon around. Closed my eyes 5-7 min prior to the observation.

  • Star Counts from Lucknow

Hi all,

I am presently here in Lucknow, India for a vacation and today the skies were extremely clear(as compared to the pathetic sky in Delhi). I decided to go out and count stars in the IMO defined regions : Leo was a fine choice and I could count 11 stars in the quadrilateral defined by Denebola-Zosma-Algeiba-Regulus.

The time of observation was 21:15 hours IST.

As such, the limiting magnitude for the leo region no 9 as per IMO specs stands at : 5.50 There are some near street lights that form the source of immediate light. The skies of Lucknow are much better as compared to those of Delhi and I remember seeing the Milky Way last year in June, once the lights went out.

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Page last modified on June 15, 2008, at 11:41 AM EST