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Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, in collaboration with SPACE, is organising a half day workshop in a series titled Aperture! Aperture!

The title of the series refers to the aperture or the diameter of the objective lens/mirror of a telescope.

The topic of this first workshop in the series is “From Galileo to the Thirty Meter Telescope” and this will be more in the format of an overview for the series. The workshop will be held from 9:30 AM to

 12:30 PM on the 25th of July, at the Planetarium. Reporting time for the same, is 9:15 AM.

The workshop will consist of discussions related to revolutions in astronomical observations which have taken place, from Galileo to contemporary times, with each substantive increase of aperture in the objectives of historical/contemporary telescopes. The workshop will also consist of the usage of a Galileoscope to see its efficacy for safe solar observations and some hands on measurements.

You may send 5-10 senior students (class VIII and above) from your school to attend the workshop. Please register for the same by sending an e-mail to mentioning the number of students attending from the school and phone/email contact of the accompanying teacher. The last date for registering is the 23rd of July. The registrations may close earlier, in case the sky theater capacity gets filled through early registrations.

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